Column and Row Based Tables in AngularJS

Row based dynamic tables are fairly easy. However, AngularJS makes building a column based dynamic table just as easy. The full code is also on JSFiddle

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.19.19 PM

The HTML relies on several Angular tags to build the tables.

The actual JavaScript is very short (outside of the data initialization which would come from a service in a real app). The controller adds a click function that was defined in the HTML above in the <input> tag. The rest of the Javascript sets up the data and labels for the app.


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  • Jonathan Miranda

    Without last line and runing up again on jsfiddle it’s works, what is the purpose of the $inject in the example?

    • tjsnell

      I was a week or so into learning AngularJS and was confused about some of the mechanics. I’ve removed that line. Thanks!

  • Priit Hansen

    Thank You man! I was going crazy with transposing arrays in php.

  • Anand S

    In this Expample of dynamic header , how can i make tbody scollable and fixed header?