Camel Release Package Version Differences

New version stampSomeone on the Camel developers mailing list mentioned that it’d be nice if the package versions were maintained in a separate file outside if parent/pom.xml. This may or may not happen. In the mean time I threw together a program that uses Camel to provide a service that serves up a JSON structure containing the version difference between 2 different versions. For the front end I added a simple AngularJS page (with Twitter Bootstrap thrown in to make it look better).

The page is hosted on Heroku at . The AngularJS page and other content is served up from Jetty. Two REST resources are exposed to handle data chores. The first http://hostname/tags returns a JSON list of Camel release tags. The second, http://hostname/{v1}/v2} returns a JSON structure detailing the package version differences between the two releases specified.

During the development I discovered a bug in the Camel Restlet component that prevents this example from working on Heroku. The Restlet component incorrectly binds to port 80 when the only Restlet endpoints are servlet based. So I built a hacked version that prevented this error. However, it’s a specific hack for this example and I’ll have to work later on fixing the Restlet component in the Camel source.

The data is pulled from the github mirror because GitHub’s API made it convenient to retrieve a full list of releases.

Source code is at

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